Beauty. Comfort. Versatility.
As specialists in daylight management, Rollease Acmeda collaborates with architects and designers to develop innovative solutions that bring added value to your project. Using architectural design as a bridge, we connect aesthetics with the technical aspects of light and shade control to enable clients to manage daylight and energy through their windows, doors and skylights.

Our Team

From design through installation and beyond, our team of professionals is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support.

We continuously invest in maintaining a qualified and dynamic team whose perseverance and enthusiasm have for the past 35 years contributed to making us an industry leader dedicated to offering products and services that wow!


Look to Rollease Acmeda for:

  • Solar shading systems to create the perfect light for any space with woven, sheer, dim-out and blackout performance textiles.
  • Woven or sheer fabrics that diffuse and reflect sunlight while maintaining the view.
  • Specially coated woven fabrics for enhanced solar heat control
  • Dim-out fabrics offering translucent light and privacy
  • Blackout fabrics – 100% opaque to eliminate virtually every ray


Technically advanced operating systems, both automated and manual, for interior and exterior light management


Commercial Bidding Process 

“Architects in planning rooms today have forgotten their faith in natural light. Depending on the touch of a finger to a switch, they are satisfied with static light and forget the endlessly changing qualities of natural light, in which a room is a different room every second of the day.”

Louis Kahn
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