The flagship of the Rollease Acmeda line, Skyline features an advanced geared patented technology. Available with manual or automated controls. The Skyline combines the most suitable legacy Skyline and R-Series components for commercial window shade applications.
Ideal for open plan areas with multiple blinds, the compact S45 operating system is compatible with single or dual shade configurations. The S60 is engineered for large windows requiring longer, heavier shades.
Our premium Cassette System for roller shades is sized to accommodate small, medium and large applications.
Robust hardware for heavier, large scale shading systems. The Extreme System is suitable for internal and external use.
Engineered with secure zip locking channels, our Skylight system maintains correct fabric tension in all directions.
Aero is a ground-breaking roller shade series highlighted by a contemporary dual-shade cassette controlled by either one single chain or chain-free mechanism. The aluminium cassette neatly houses two shades, concealing components and maintaining a clean minimalist appearance. Aero’s innovative design requires only one chain for the complete system. Thanks to the revolutionary design of the hardware, you can independently control two shades with one chain to lower or raise either shade. This advanced system boasts an 'Auto-rise' feature, self-rising with a light pull of the hem bar or chain (hem bar only for Chain-free configuration).
Rollease Acmeda Easy Spring Ultra single roller system offers a high quality, aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced spring controlled solution. The blind will open to your preferred top location in a smooth and controlled motion, with one simple touch.
Conceals the Rollease Acmeda S45 operating system creating a sleek, contemporary look.
Provides a functional, secure guide for the Precision S45 Roller Shades.
Multi-Link bracket system allows multiple blinds to be connected and controlled by a single mechanism. Uni Link S60 is designed for up to 90-degree linked blind installations.
Retain complete window-to-wall ceiling plane design integrity with the Acmeda Shade Pocket System.
The finishing touch for all our roller blind systems.
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