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Early morning light? Noon time glare? Late afternoon sun? Whatever your challenge, Rollease Acmeda high tech fabrics and operating systems put you in control.

From translucent to black-out, our innovative window shade fabrics provide the right amount of filtering for any situation. The effect will be compatible with the building’s design while ensuring indoor comfort for the building’s occupants.

These innovative fabrics are complemented by our precision engineered manual and automated operating systems. Both standard and premium systems are available with automated lift and controls.

We also offer an array of options to help you achieve the look and smooth operation of your window covering solution.

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“Architects in planning rooms today have forgotten their faith in natural light. Depending on the touch of a finger to a switch, they are satisfied with static light and forget the endlessly changing qualities of natural light, in which a room is a different room every second of the day.”

Louis Kahn
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