Premium Line

For the utmost in solar control, opt for our Verosol semi-transparent fabrics. Invented in the 1960’s, Verosol fabrics are made by a unique process in which a microscopic layer of aluminum is applied to textile. The result? Sunlight is reflected away from the building to maintain a comfortable indoor environment throughout the day.

We offer two lines featuring Verosol’s metallized fabric. Contact us for swatches.

4% - Light Gray

SilverScreen semi-transparent fabrics are available in 2% and 4% weave openness. While they permit excellent view-through, their ultra-fine aluminum backing directs light away from the building, reducing heat and glare. Suitable for roller blinds, panel tracks and vertical blinds, the flame retardant fabrics are a blend of PVC and fiberglass. Available in an array of neutral colors to complement any decor.

  • 2% - Black
  • 2% - Dark Beige
  • 2% - Steel Gray
  • 2% - White
  • 4% - Light Gray
    2% - Light Gray

    These semi-transparent fabrics from Verosol offer the ultimate in solar control. Aluminum backed, they have a 2% weave openness, so while views from the outside are blocked, building occupants have a clear view of the outdoors. Their high reflectivity helps control heating and cooling costs. Flame-retardant, dust repellant and Cradle to Cradle certified, they’re made of 100% polyester and come in neutral tones, black and shades of dark grey. Excellent for roller blinds and panel tracks.

    • 2% - Black
    • 2% - Steel Gray
    • 2% - Light Gray
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