Verosol High Performance Fabrics

Verosol is a range of metallized fabrics. This outstanding performance fabric’s secret is its superior construction. Backed with an ultra-fine layer of aluminum, Verosol fabrics dramatically improve solar energy control and glare control.

Bracket Colours



SilverScreen is a metalized interior solar shade fabric that is available in 2% and 4% openness. These are the highest performing screen in the market, dramatically improving solar energy control, while demonstrating an excellent view through with glare control.



OmniaScreen is a high-quality metalized solar screen capable of transforming any building into a healthy, comfortable zone. Placed at an attractive price point, the 2×2 basket weave, PVC-screen has a 3% openness, perfect for enhancing any living and working atmosphere.



Woven in a screen-like construction with a textile appearance, EnviroScreen is a highly reflective, transparent, PVC-free, metalized fabric with a 2% openness factor. EnviroScreen offers environmentally friendly superior visual and thermal comfort.

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